Ship Design

Long-term value creation

We are proud of every RensenDriessen ship out there. Because we know we have designed and delivered a ship that is dedicated to delivering long-term value. Our services offered throughout the ship life-cycle, innovative technology and sharp focus on customer demand help our customers succeed.

We’re here to meet and exceed your expectations

At RensenDriessen, it’s all about your needs. Our in-house design team has the extensive skills, expertise, and experience to translate your design requirements into a tailor-made vessel design, up until the very last detail. And if an existing design fits your purpose, we are your partner too.  We’re here to meet and exceed your expectations on quality, delivery times, design, maintenance cost, and resale value.

Innovative and proven solutions

Our customers face a continuous need to improve their cost-efficiency and reduce their total cost of ownership. We adapt to this need by continuously developing innovate and proven solutions so we can service these ever changing requirements in the best possible way.