About us

Designers. builders. brokers.

At RensenDriessen, we are here for you. We are designers, builders, and brokers. We live and breathe ships. What really gets us going, is designing, building or trading a ship for you. Every business and every situation requires its own unique solution. And that’s what makes us tick, realizing your unique business opportunity.

Founded in 1980 in Zwijndrecht – within a stone’s throw of Rotterdam and still our home base – we’ve been building ships for four decades now. We’ve been through the ups and downs in this market and we can safely say with over 1.100 ships built to date, we know how to anticipate ever-changing market conditions and customer demands.

Working closely together

We know the importance of a fit-for-purpose ship. Pushing boundaries, developing cutting-edge technologies and design solutions to get you ahead of the game is what we do. We understand the heart of your business and envision original ship solutions that will sustain it, improving productivity, cost-efficiency, and profitability. By working closely together with our clients, we design and build fit-for-purpose, future-proof ships.

Working together closely is about being a partner, and at RensenDriessen, we believe in genuine partnerships – the kind built on personal trust. That’s how we’ve built and continue to build our business and ships, with our team and with you.

Our mission

We are very clear on our role in this world. We enable inland ship owners to use the ships they need to deliver their long-term business goals. We bring a commitment of exceptional customer focus to everything we do – from our smart engineering to post-delivery support, every step along the way. We do this through our partnership approach and offering tailor-made shipbuilding solutions where you need them.

Based on our performance over the years, RensenDriessen ships have come to stand for quality, trust and efficiency. And we will continue to meet and surpass this standard every day.

Our vision

We aim to be the European industry benchmark for quality and value creation in the niche markets of inland ship design, building and brokerage. Anchored in values and strong ethics, RensenDriessen achieves success through excellence and innovation, with a sharp focus on customer demand. We understand your business situation and anticipate your needs. We are inland shipping specialists. Since 1980.