The RensenDriessen Standard

We’re here to meet and exceed your needs. We call it our RensenDriessen Standard. This means you can leave any worrying up to us. We guarantee the quality and lead time of our vessels. No matter what. No matter when.


We’re shipbuilders, and what sets us apart from others is that we are shipyard-independent. Based on your requirements and the availability within the market, we select a yard that enables us to build the best ship for you. Over the years, we’ve built partnerships with various shipyards in The Netherlands and abroad.

Working as partners means we work towards the same ultimate goal: enabling our client to deliver their business goals. Our teams and designers in Zwijndrecht (The Netherlands), Gdynia and Wrocław (Poland) work closely with the designated shipyard. We offer one point of contact, perfect service, and ultimately a tailor-made vessel that’s up to par with the RensenDriessen Standard.

Your needs, your ship. Realized according to our proven and tested RensenDriessen Standard.

Type & Model

RensenDriessen has a wide portfolio of barge designs. We have years of experience and expertise in the tailor-made design, calculation and engineering of barges.

How we work

We have dedicated and full-time supervision for each vessel that is under construction. That’s how we guarantee the high RensenDriessen quality standard.


RensenDriessen, on the basis of its expertise, vision and innovation, more than 1022 ships delivered to it’s clients. We proudly present our credentials.

Step into the world of inland shipping and RensenDriessen

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