At RensenDriessen, it’s all about your needs. The science of ship design starts with the art of the conversation. Here’s what we do: listening closely, talking, and interpreting your exact needs, helping you imagine what an excellent ship would look like for your particular business. We’re here to meet and exceed your expectations on quality, delivery times, design, maintenance cost, and resale value.

Design that leads to value creation

Our in-house design team has the extensive skills, expertise, and experience to translate your design requirements into a tailor-made vessel design, up until the very last detail. And if an existing design fits your purpose, we are your partner too. The spirit of innovation drives every action at RensenDriessen. A continuous effort at developing cutting-edge technologies and design solutions allows us to create a positive customer experience and improve efficiencies. And that ultimately leads to value creation.

Innovative Y-shape hull for optimal impact resistance

The Y-Shape hull construction in our inland tanker designs is one of those innovations. This structure is used to better sustain a hit. It’s the new way of building structures that rely on an optimal impact resistance. Transporting and fuelling your ship with LNG is simply safer, thus allowing Y-Shape hull tankers to carry more tanks than other ships.

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