The stages of a typical sale or purchase are:

Step 1

Information & orientation

Together we discuss your requirements. After inspection of your vessel, we can advise you on the sales price.

Step 2


Our consulting services include the entire landscape of our inland shipping industry. We gladly advice you on financing, pricing, purchase, buying continue ship and any other issues.

Step 3


In consultation with you we advertise or search within our own international network and beyond for the right buyer or vessel. Our extensive network in the shipping industry ensure maximum exposure to find a match.

Step 4


As soon as a potential customer or vessel has been found, we make an appointment for inspection with all parties concerned.

Step 5


After a positive inspection, the prospective buyer submits a purchase proposal. We will advise you throughout the entire negotiations. A solid, well thought through negotiation strategy can make or break a deal. After an offer is accepted, further arrangements are made, such as condition on delivery, delivery period, financing period, any other arrangements.

Step 6


After financing is confirmed by the buyers bank, appointments are made for the various surveys of the vessel on offer, which are carried out by the following bodies:

  • The loss adjustment agency arranges the required technical survey of the hull
  • The Dutch Shipping Inspectorate or the loss adjustment agency carries out the safety survey in all accessible areas of the vessel
  • An independent valuer draws up a complete report of the vessel
  • An inspection body assesses the vessels moving parts (main engine, bow thrusters, generators, etc.) to obtain a general picture of the condition of the engines.

Step 7

Civil-law notary

Once all surveys have been completed and the agreement has been reached, an appointment is made with the civil-law notary in the Netherlands. The deed of transfer of title and the mortgage deed drawn up by the civil-law notary, are signed at his office. At this point the sale or purchase is a fact.

Stap 8


As soon as all legal matters have been completed, we will handle all ship’s papers. At this concluding phase, the following ships papers are transferred: tonnage certificate, bilge book, certificates, sailing hours log


Buy or sale

Planning to sell your vessel? Or interested in a new vessel? Please feel free to contact us.